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About Us

About Us

We are Fin Exactly

Fin Exactly is a diversified financial management solutions company engaged in banking and private finance, investment banking and capital markets, asset management and direct investing. We partner with our clients to implement solutions across the transaction and business lifecycle.

Fin Exactly offers a full range of finance, investment banking, equities, fixed income, asset and wealth management products and services. We are known as one of the top private money lenders in Pune and all over India.

We are a leading banking and private finance company in india.

Who we are

A Responsible financial Services provider

We are an independent responsible financial services firm. We are a leading banking and private finance company in India.  We are recognized as a top private money lenders in Pune. We take our finances and our clients’ finances seriously.

We are a government authorized financial services provider having necessary licenses issued by the Government of India to carry out our business. We strictly adhere to regulatory procedures in all our work.

We can access many different financial products so you can get the right products and services. We provide financial solutions that not only help you solve complex financial challenges but also achieve sustainable financial success. Talk to us if you are looking for banking and private finance company in India.

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